Republicans gathered in Corpus Christi on Sunday to rally behind Trump but the real fight for Republicans may have only begun

A man stands in the bed of his pickup looking around at the crowd at a mall parking lot in Corpus Christi, Texas on Sunday, November 8, 2020 as a group of Trump supporters gathered for a prayer rally parade showing their support for Trump. (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

A few hundred supporters of President Donald Trump and the Nueces County Republican Party gathered in the parking lot of Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi on Sunday for a “Protect the Vote” rally as the country remains divided over who they think actually won the election and the validity of the results. 

The event, organized by Suzanne Guggenheim and her group of Coastal Bend Republicans, filled the parking lot by noon Central Time on Sunday. with others honking as they drove by on nearby streets. 

Sunday’s rally in Corpus Christi, Texas was one of several events in cities nationwide since Election Day as the president’s supporters gathered to protest what they claim is the stealing of the presidential election from them.

A man walks around his pickup truck putting flags up ahead of the rally and parade on Sunday at the mostly abandoned mall parking lot in Corpus Christi, Texas (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

Several attendees wore hats reading “Make America great again”, the rally cry promoted by Trump over the past 6 odd years. Other protesters waved flags or were wearing T-shirts that referenced their support of President Trump. 

A few in the crowd wore holstered firearms as the protesters gathered sharing their love for their leader and their party. But while nationally this group may have lost this election, they have nothing to hang their head about at the local level. Nueces County, Texas voted deeper red this year than they had even in 2016 and Republicans have, at least temporarily succeeded at capitalizing on what the Democrats lost—the minority class vote.

A man reaches to help with a flag at a Trump support rally in Corpus Christi, Texas on Sunday that drew a few hundred people. (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

For far too many years the GOP in America has been seen largely as the wealthy white man’s party and for the most part the assumption wouldn’t be wrong. Republicans have been seen as the party that has aligned itself with white, conservative males who believe that they have something to say and to prove. For the most part it wouldn’t be wrong, but in recent years the GOP has been able to reach out to their minority class voters and bring them into positions of leadership at the state level. More and more women are voting Republican these days—something that the old guard is taking note of and learning to finally respect. If they are going to keep their local footprint they have to do one thing—allow minority classes greater chances for advancement or risk losing their support back to the Democrats. 

Democrats today are not the Democrats that were just 20 years ago. What was once the party of the working class American is now the party of far-left wing idealism and college youthfulness. Democrats believe that they have a future in the college educated, younger, far-left leaning liberals. Democrats have gotten far away from their base in places like Texas and Republicans are certainly capitalizing on it for the moment.

A female Trump supporter carries a flag towards the gathering crowd in Corpus Christi, Texas ready to show her support for Trump and her party. In Texas, Republican women make up a growing percentage of the party’s leadership and voting bloc. (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

Something else that the Democrats have managed to abscond from is their once loyal Latino male voting bloc. Even places like Starr County went for the Republicans this year and in 2020 the machismo attitude of President Trump resonated with the Latino male voter in South Texas. This time they voted with Trump and if the Republicans do not act quickly to take steps to retain that vulnerable voting group then they may end up losing it the next time a big election rolls around. 

Republicans are a fickle bunch that have learned to play head games with their people. They love you when they need you and you never see them again until they need you again. That could pose a problem for the party down the road and they need to figure out how to get a handle on the arrogance of the party before it is too late. So far, their fate has been in the hands of Republican women and if that voting bloc begins to feel outed then problems could be on the horizon.

Flags could be had for 50% off at a vendor that was set up at the Trump rally in Corpus Christi, Texas on Sunday, November 8, 2020. (Matt Pierce/Getty Images)

But at Sunday’s rally things were peaceful and you could buy Trump flags for 50% off. Even though they were holding onto hope, their stock was deflated to bargain bin prices. That has to be a sinking feeling for the man in the White House.

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