Corpus Christi City Councilman Responds To Allegations From Local Group

Corpus Christi City Councilman Roland Barrera says that the string of text messages published by members of the local paparazzi are being taken out of context. 

Earlier on Thursday a local group published a video with former Corpus Christi Regional Transit Authority Curtis Rock apparently having some sort of sexual interaction with an unidentified female. In the report, the producer indicated that there would be more to come in a second part to the story. Late Thursday evening the group published what seemed to be just that. 

What they produced was a string of text messages between a group of people including local businessman John Valls, Corpus Christi City Councilmember Roland Barrera and others. The text messages, while inappropriate remain entirely speculative at best suggesting that the group would be meeting at a lake house in Mathis, Texas for a party that included “poker, booze, BBQ and babes.” 

Earlier in the day there was speculation as to what the other material would be produced by the group? Rumors quickly spread suggesting everything from another sexually explicit tape with other people in it or possibly even court records. After the initial reports were made public, the Southside Light News began reaching out to those who had been implicated in the production to obtain reaction. 

“These text messages were sent several years ago,” Councilman Barrera said late Thursday evening. “These were between a bunch of guys going to the lake for a party to drink and smoke cigars.” 

Barrera denies that there was anything more to it at all. 

“These text messages are very old and were taken about the time that Caitlyn Jenner came out,” Barrera said. “I was just trying to make a joke about it. That is all that there is to it.” 

Barrera claims that the text messages were part of a divorce between Curtis Rock and his former wife and those text messages and other media produced by the group were supposedly sealed by the court. 

“This stuff was supposed to be sealed in the divorce,” Barrera claims. “So I wonder how they got it?” 

Barrera does not deny the text messages nor did he make any excuses for their content. 

“Look, it will probably cause me some criticism from the LGTBQ crowd and I am sorry for that,” Barrera said Thursday evening. “But that is what is and nothing more to it.” 

The group that originally published the claims seemed to hint to the idea that they knew the subject and context of the FBI investigation that is ongoing following near simultaneous raids at the home of Corpus Christi ISD Board Trustee John Longoria and the offices of Fulton Construction last week. However, the content was riddled with allegations without any factual basis. 

Others who were connected with the allegations have yet to respond.

This story will be updated throughout.

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