Coronavirus Blog: Updated

Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2020

Public health officials in Nueces County announced 148 new cases of Coronavirus on Tuesday. They also announced 2 additional deaths, taking the death toll to 472.

Local hospitalizations decreased to 132. That’s 7 less that Monday.

The state numbers went through the roof on Tuesday. Department of State Health reported 13,998 new daily cases of COVID-19.
That’s over 1,400 more cases than the record set 3 days ago.
The state also says 8,495 COVID-19 patients are currently in hospitals. They also reports 162 more COVID-19 deaths.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Nueces County officials reported another 120 new cases of coronavirus today. There has been consistent reports of people testing positive, then testing negative and then positive and negative again. We also learned on Tuesday that the spread among vulnerable populations in area nursing homes and assisted living centers could likely be on the rise again and the potential to have vulnerable populations mass infected is certainly a real clear possibility. At least two deaths over the past 7 days have came from assisted living/skilled nursing facilities.

Local officials also reported one new death on Monday. The total local death toll is now at 470. The death rate has remained fairly consistent over the past few weeks with the exception of a small spike here or there. Medical professionals are continuing to warn against group gatherings although it is likely few people will adhere to those warnings. They have not done it in the past.

There are 139 people being treated in area hospitals and 47 of those are in the ICU. The number of hospitalized patients rose by 8 today and the number of patients being treated in the ICU rose by 5.

On the state front, the Department of State Health Services in Austin reported another 8,353 COVID-19 patients are currently in Texas hospitals and another 6, 576 new cases. The last time we saw hospitalizations this high in Texas was back on August 6.

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