Analysis: District 4 Is A Big District And One Bedroom Community Seems To Feel That They Ought To Be Able To Control The Entire City—And It Looks Like They Have A Plan To Do It

I saw a post about the Island this week and it revolved around who they thought should be voted for in the D-4 council race. They claimed parts of the city see them as “island assholes.” Well, they do think that way and here’s why.

The post that was emailed to me said that “Runoff elections are determined almost solely on turnout. What that means is that we, as the Island have an opportunity to shape the future of the City of Corpus Christi. It also means advancing an Island Centric Agenda.”

There ya go. Why would anybody think anything else?

The Island makes up a very small portion of this community and county. Yet, they feel as if they deserve” Island Centric” representation. They feel that they should get the lion’s share of the city’s attention and budget. That creates a problem.

The post went on reading that “We elect people that respect us and those that don’t respect us are made to fear us. We only need convince the 3 At large candidates, our District 4 Representative, and the Mayor and we control the agenda.”

Here’s what that post tells me : Many are saying that Greg Smith simply does what Mayor Joe McComb tells him to do. The above statement tells me that they want a candidate that THEY can manipulate and control to further THEIR agenda. In other words, they want to be able to do what they claim somebody else is doing.

You see, it’s real simple–I don’t get into “Island Politics” because I gave somebody my word a long time ago that I would not cover Island politics. But, this spreads across the bridge.

I respect what they are doing out there, but I don’t respect the way that they are going about it or their justification that this city “owes” them their own agenda or that we “owe” them more then their 8,000 or so resident share.

I’d be very careful of voting for a candidate that a special interest group endorses. To use their logic, they want you to vote for a candidate that they can easily control. Where does that leave the rest of the district and the city? That ought to tell you something….

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