Accident involving a TXDOT truck near Kingsville sends 7 to the hospital

A major accident that occurred around 9:30 Monday morning near the south TExas community of Ricardo has sent 7 people to area hospitals. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety said that three persons were transported via air ambulance to Christus Spohn Shoreline. Two of those patients were flow directly from the scene and a third was taken by air from Christus Spohn Kingsville. Other patients are being treated at other hospitals around the area for their injuries. Among the injured are at least some minor children. DPS earlier had said that they believed that victim was transported to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi but has since confirmed that the patient was in fact sent by air to Shoreline. 

The accident occurred on Northbound US 77 near the community of Ricardo, south of Kingsville when a vehicle struck a Texas Department of Transportation work truck that was actively involved in roadwork in the area. DPS says that the vehicle did not, for whatever reason vacate the lane and struck the TXDOT work truck from behind,. The driver of the TXDOT truck was taken to Christus Spohn Kingsville with neck and back injuries. 

The vehicle that struck the TXDOT truck was making its way back to Houston Monday morning when the accident occurred. DPS says that the persons in the vehicle had been in Mexico visiting family over the holidays and they were on their return trip home. Several of the people had to be extricated from the vehicle prior to transport. 

DPS says that one person remains in critical condition at this time. The condition of the other passengers was not immediately known.

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