H-E-B says that they have asked for more doses of the coronavirus vaccine

Texas based retailer H-E-B says that they have requested another allocation of the coronavirus vaccine from the state of Texas. 

The retailer says that their initial allocation has either already been distributed or is scheduled to be administered and that they are awaiting another allocation of vaccine from the state of Texas so that they can continue to vaccinate healthcare providers as well as begin offering vaccine to those in Phase 1B.

“ Once we have supply, we will activate a scheduler tool on our website so people can schedule an appointment,” H-E-B said in a statement. “In the coming days, people will be able to schedule a Covid-19 vaccination through our web-based scheduler, which will be available on the H-E-B Pharmacy page on heb.com.” 

According to CDC guidelines a vial must be used within hours of being opened and pharmacies are working to get those jabs into the arms of as many eligible recipients as possible. 

“As a trusted source for all routine childhood and adult immunizations, H-E-B pharmacies will partner with the federal and state government to administer the Covid-19 vaccine as it becomes available to the general public, following the CDC distribution schedule. H-E-B is proud to continue our long-term tradition of taking care of Texans.”

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