Legislative session to kick – off on Tuesday

The Texas Legislature is set to kick-off their 140-day regular legislative session on Tuesday and as always, there will be no shortage of interesting witts at play. 

Lawmakers will wrestle over a shorter biennial budget, redistricting, pandemic related legislation, Windstorm insurance reform and port/special taxing district items will be only a few  items up for likely discussion. 

State lawmakers are also expected to tackle the idea of putting mayors and county judges on fairly equal playing ground, an idea that the Texas Municipal League relishes. You owe that move to what many have seen as autocratic leadership by mostly Democrat County judges across the state. Even as some Democrat mayors fight back. You can expect that bill to get pretty heated with opposition coming from Texas Association of Counties. 

Gaming is very likely going to be a big issue this session. Lawmakers find themselves possibly being able to expand on destination style casinos, internet or virtual gaming and other mediums during the run. 

It’s likely that redistricting won’t be settled won’t be settled in a regular session. Due to issues with Coronavirus and Washington politics, we expect at least one additional special session to make its way down range. 

We will keep you posted here as things get underway. 

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