Texas police arrest activist for filming their activities

The Angleton, Texas police department is in some hot water on Friday after what appears to be the unlawful arrest of a community watchdog activist. 

The police department sent out a social media message on Friday asking for residents to be patient as telecommunications officers work to field calls from around the country and even what they claim, from around the world. 

Angleton police arrested activist John Grey this week for interfering with law enforcement while he was filming from across the street, nowhere close to the officers. 

Following the arrest numerous social media groups posted the video of the incident and the phone number to the police department and encouraged reform activists to flood the station with calls for justice against the potentially unlawful actions of law enforcement officers. 

Angleton, Texas has long been a known violator of civil rights from both the public and the media. The city is located in Brazoria County, which itself has been the center of numerous serious civil rights and justice violations, several having already drawn national attention. 

Grey was filming police activity as he often does and he believes that his arrest stems from his filing of a Freedom of Information Act request that he had previously filed. Texas law enforcement has repeatedly used such tactics to squelch public information requests from the public and media. 

The officers involved claim that Grey had been following the police around using a police scanner, which is not against the law. Grey claims that police also illegally ran his license plate without reasonable suspicion or probable cause. 

Advocacy groups are now calling for the immediate resignation of the officers and the police chief of Angleton. 

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