City program to help bring relief to citizens who might have trouble paying their water bill

On Friday, City of Corpus Christi officials announced a relief program developed for water customers impacted by last week’s extreme weather event. The city’s program is designed to offset costs due to unusually high-water charges related to dripping faucets, leaking pipes, and increased consumption as a result of housing additional guests due to power outages.

The Water Utility Bill Relief Program is such that, water customers who contact the City’s Utility Business Office requesting a review of January and February bills, will pay an amount equal to the previous month’s water charges or this month’s water charges, whichever is the lower price.

Residents and commercial businesses are eligible for relief adjustments. Large-volume customers that use 100,000 gallons or more of water each day are not eligible.

No late fees will be assessed for the February billing cycles. Late fees will resume in April for the March billing cycles. As well as disconnections for delinquent accounts will be suspended through March.

The Wastewater Winter Quarter Average (WQA) for all customers will not be recalculated this year because of the challenges imposed by this extreme cold weather event. Customers may request a review of their WQA calculation on a case-by-case basis.

To submit a Water Utility Bill Relief request, customers should email the Utility Business Office at:

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