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Officials with the City of Corpus Christi have temporarily closed Access Road 2 this evening due to impacts from Hurricane Delta in Corpus Christi. 

As the storm made landfall near Creole, Louisiana on Friday conditions here in Corpus Christi remained hazardous due to debris that has washed up from high tide. The city says that crews will assess the road Saturday morning to determine when it will be reopened.

Although other Gulf beach roads are clear, poor beach driving conditions are expected as water reaches the Gulf beach dunes mainly near the time of high tide which is at 12:44 AM on Saturday and 1:30 AM on Sunday. Some beach access roads will be impassable.  A high risk of rip currents will continue today as a result of large swells and long wave periods. 

Earlier this afternoon, there was an incident at Packery Channel involving members of a family being rescued and one fatality (a 60-year-old male). Lifeguards assisting in the rescue sustained minor injuries.

The Coast Guard said on Friday that they were also looking for a person in the water near Indian Point Pier. That person was said to be a female wearing black clothing. As of Friday evening officials said that they were unsure of the status of that missing person.

The deadline to register to vote in Texas has come and gone. Now is the time to make sure that you really are registered. If you are unsure if you’re registered to vote in Texas you can check your status on the Texas Secretary of State website. The website will ask you to enter your Texas Driver’s License number, your Voter ID or your name, date of birth and county.

You can also use that website to check your polling location and early voting locations on the website.

If you plan to vote in-person, you can do so during early voting or on Election Day. When you get to the polling location, you must have one of these seven valid IDs, according to

  • Texas Drivers License
  • Texas Election Certificate 
  • Texas Personal ID card
  • Texas Handgun License
  • U.S Citizenship Certificate with photo
  • U.S Military ID with photo 
  • U.S passport

If you don’t have one of the accepted forms of ID and cannot get one, you can also use other alternative forms of ID which include:

  • A government document that includes your name and address. You must also have your Voter Registration Certificate
  • A paycheck or government check
  • A bank statement
  • A current utility bill 
  • A birth certificate

If you use one of the alternative forms of ID at your polling location, they will have to sign a Voter’s Reasonable Impediment Declaration. The form is to confirm your identity and that you could not provide one of the seven acceptable forms of ID.