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                                                     MEDIA KIT 

The Southside Light News was conceived as part of the solution to the decline of public service journalism in Texas and as a new way to provide this essential public good — the news and information required to engage and educate area residents about the big issues affecting us all: public education, health care, transportation, immigration, energy and the environment.

In 2018, venture capitalist John Evans enlisted Matt Pierce Briscoe, former producer at KRIS SIX NEWS, to help found TheSouthside Light. The Southside Light immediately acquired Texas Take News, The South Texas Journal, and The South Texas Standard (Laredo), and hired Art Metzinger (former News Director WFAA-Dallas) as the News Consultant.

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With more than $100,000 in private contributions as seed funding, a small band of talented journalists and some solid news managers began partnering with academia and other news outlets to become a “Light” for public-good journalism in Corpus Christi. The Light launched its destination website on April 3, 2019. Through a variety of distribution partnerships, the Light extends its reach considerably to other online, print and broadcast outlets, to which content is provided at no charge. In addition, the Tribune produces an educational suite of free public events that explore issues that are of critical importance to our community. The first of which being a homeless symposium in June 2019. 

As a membership driven organization, the Light is supported by individual contributions through memberships, corporate sponsorships and foundation partnerships. Since 2019, the Light has had more than 2,000 contributing members, 20 corporate sponsors and various political campaign advertisements. 


Although commercial models for delivering news and information are under tremendous pressure, the level of “media junk” and bad investigating seems only to increase. We are keenly aware that breaking through that clutter is perhaps the central challenge we face in making a success. What sets us apart:

Not Just News – Knowledge

Our website is built from scratch as a “digitally native” public service. Advances in technology provide unparalleled opportunities for educating the public. Original reporting is married to the newest online presentation and visualization tools. Our site also includes highly curated news aggregation from other sources, polling, blogging, columns, commentary and an ever-growing lineup of searchable databases that numbers more than 10. Citizens, political leaders and other journalists already see the Light as an authoritative source of investigative information on a wide range of topics such as voting records, campaign finance, public school quality and public employee compensation.


We avoid the idea that reporting in the public interest must be boring, or that reporters on serious topics must be stripped of their authorial voice. Reporters can have distinct personalities without compromising their objectivity. The best magazines have proved this over time, and the Light will as well.

Leveraged Distribution

In syndicating our content at no cost to other news outlets, we believe we will advance the goal of ubiquity very rapidly and cost effectively. It matters not to us whether a reader encounters our content on our site, in a public radio interview with one of our reporters or in a local newspaper somewhere. 


Site Advertising

Platform Content Placement

Advertisers will receive a rotating presence on, on original reporting pages – Front Page, Story and Data pages.


Leaderboard – 728x90px

Medium rectangle – 300x250px

$100 per month 

Front Page Takeover

Opportunity to take over all ad units on the site’s Front Page. Ad placement at the top and close of the page with two ads positioned on the right and left rails. Ads may tell a story or repeat to dominate the page.


Leaderboard – 728x90px

Medium rectangle – 300x250px

$150 per month 


Clickable link on Facebook three times each week (premium traffic slot 6pm-11pm). $25 per week. 


As members of The Southside Light News you are supporting the idea of news as a public service or as a public good. We do not have a paywall or sell subscriptions to our content and we believe that all members of the community should have equal access to information and reporting regardless of their ability to pay for it. We achieve this goal through our standard advertising and through the generous support of our members. Memberships include: Members only conversations with newsmakers, journalists and policy wonks from around the city, state and county; a weekly digital newsletter with news and notes that our reporters are keeping a watch on; and an invitation to our yearly “Light Christmas Gala” held each December. Membership will also allow for VIP access to our “Southside Light News Festival,” which was scheduled to be held in 2020, but has now been reset for June 2021. This even features discussions and conversations with various literary, political and scientific guests from around our state. Full details will be provided as we get closer to the event. 

Individual Membership: $25 per month or more 

Family Membership: $40 per month or more

Small Business: $100 per month 

Corporate Membership Level: Varied 

Founding Partner: $5,000 per year 

Please note that as a matter of disclosure, your membership will be listed each year on the website due to transparency and will be included in our annual independent audit. Also note that membership dues are NOT tax deductible. We would ask that all memberships be paid annually. 

In for further inquiries please contact: 

Matt Pierce

361-696-5762 or