Not everybody is happy with Governor Abbott’s plan to reopen bars in some locations across the state. The Texas Bar & Nightclub Alliance said in a statement that Gov. Greg Abbott has “passed the buck” on reopening bars.

Gov. Abbott announced his plan on Wednesday that allows bars in some locations to reopen starting Oct. 14 at the discretion of county judges.

Counties in Texas can choose to allow bars or similar establishments to operate with in-person service. Bars that open will be allowed to operate at up to 50% capacity, according to new checklists that were added to the governor’s website.

Michael Klein, President of the Texas Bar & Nightclub Alliance released a statement on behalf of the group saying: 

“TBNA is under no delusions: many of our members will eventually be allowed to operate under this new order because their county judge will lead and ‘opt in’. However, this is a death sentence for so many of our members under the jurisdiction of county judges who still believe that we should be locked down like we were in March and April, despite all the progress we’ve made coexisting with this virus.”