Who We Are

The Southside Light News is Corpus Christi’s home for local online news. We are nonpartisan and we do not have a paywall. Our content is available at no cost to everyone in the city and beyond. The Southside Light News publishes without fear or favor, or any obligation to outside interests. We cover all that is best about our little corner of the Texas Coast: its personalities, neighborhoods, businesses, culture, cuisine, arts and entertainment. We tackle the city’s problems and challenges, too, and spotlight innovative solutions, often traveling to cities who have dealt with similar problems as we are.

We feature work from a small team of curious, energetic staff journalists and publish contributions from respected freelance journalists. We encourage lively, civil debate in the comments section that accompanies each of our stories. We regula rly publish articles and commentaries from elected officials, civic and community leaders, entrepreneurs and other business leaders, educators and artists — Corpus Christi neighbors from all walks of life.

The Southside Light is also a community platform. We have publish commentaries and stories submitted by readers from all walks of life in Corpus Christi from mayors to citizens, preachers to criminals, teachers to entrepreneurs, artists to architects—we serve as an open forum for our community.

The Southside Light News is member supported. We do not receive government funding or subsidies. We do receive philanthropic and foundation funding, and we benefit from carefully curated advertising and sponsored posts. Our well-attended public policy forums and monthly member gatherings also help support credible, community journalism. The engagement of readers, commenters, article contributors, and financial supporters is vital to our growth, sustainability, and public service. We offer a variety of membership levels for individuals and businesses.